A Novel??

So I know I haven’t been on my blog in quite the while guys and I am so sorry! I have a new job now and have been dealing with an episode of depression I am trying to shake off. (Easier said than done!) Anyway!! I don’t really want to talk about my depression right now.

Lately I have been pondering on writing a novel! I am pretty sure I will be basing all the events the main character will be experiencing on all my personal life experiences. As an H.S.P. my love life has felt like it has made the most impact on my life as a whole. I know relationships are not the most important thing in life but to me who I loved and how I loved mattered more than anything to me because I poured so much of myself into my relationships. When I fall in love with someone I don’t ever take them for granted, I want the absolute best for them and do everything in my power to make them the happiest I can possibly make them. I only ever wished for someone to love me the way that I am able to love them.

Love and heartbreak are both complicated things to deal with and they both, in their own ways, require work. Love takes two, requires work to maintain a steady and strong relationship. Heartbreak requires retraining your mindset to remember to put yourself first and find happiness within yourself before you try to find happiness with another person again.


I am going to come up with a book description and throw it at you all sometime soon. I will also hop on sometime to give you a life update on what I’m going through. Lately, my mind has been torturing me and it has been leaving a pit in my stomach everywhere I go. I can be at work, in line at a store or even laying in bed next to my boyfriend and still feel like I am going to burst into tears. And its the same gut wrenching feeling anyone feels when they fear the person they love doesn’t love them anymore or that feeling of loneliness after a break up. Anyway, like I said, depressive episode, mental torture, blah blah blah. I will open up more next time. I’ve had a little too much wine to get into my feels right now. Check back later you guys! Much love! -Dreamer♥


UPDATE: I don’t think I have the attention span to write a novel..

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